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Hi everyone. Thank You for visiting my page. I hope you might take a moment to look at what I have and

maybe you will find something you might like to trade for. I'll be adding new stuff on a bi-weekly basis

(items, pictures, descriptions), so please come on by when you can. 


A Little about myself:

I've been collecting virtually all my life.  It's something I really enjoy and it helps me to relax. If I'm lucky

enough to reach 100 one day, I'm pretty sure I'll be doing the same thing then as I am doing now. I've

also been on ebay for over nine years under the user name modesty2000.


I like to trade. I'm willing to entertain any offer. For example, if you wanted to trade two promo cards for

an action figure, depending on what they are, I just might do it. You never know unless you ask:-)  Any

offer is always greatly appreciated. I wish you Happy Collecting Experiences!


Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or to discuss a trade or just chat about



P.S. - If you have something you would like to trade that is on my want list but can't find anything listed

that you want, please let me know. I have a bunch of stuff that I still haven't listed.  I'll see what I can

come up with that may interest you.


Thank You!


Last updated on April 2, 2011